Awareness Contact Programs

SpringUp Healthcare, in collaboration with Associate Clinics, conducts ACPs (Awareness Contact Programs) on Dental Health awareness for various Insititutes, Corporates, EWS (Economically Weaker Section), Villages etc… This program covers basic understanding of Dental Hygiene, Preventive Techniques and also checkup & consultation for Members.

The idea is to bring up the value of Proactive Dental Healthcare rather than Reactive. The program covers expert interaction and awareness on importance of preventive health, bursting myths and thus saving cost, time and stress associated with reactive treatments/interventions.

It includes primary dental checkup with latest IT enabled visual aids for all members and advice for the best solution, with dental images shared on cloud with members. This is useful as members can refer them any time anywhere for further treatment.

Our associate clinics are bound to offer 10 – 50% discount (higher discounts for preventive treatments) in addition to No Consultation Fee for their Detailed Diagnosis that happens at any of the associated clinics. Also members are given insight into:

– Behaviors to avoid Costly Dental Treatments.
– Tools to ensure good Dental Health and its importance.
– Process Details like right way of Brushing and ethics of dental practice.
– Importance of Disposable and most Potent Autoclaving Equipment Used.

Absolutely Free Program initiative to Facilitate mass transition from Reactive to Proactive Dental Health in India by creating awareness.

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